Writing as an art form

My team is supposed to plan a Bi-Weekly blog, so like all last minute things done at the office we start discussing the topics for the blog 24hrs before the blog is actually due (to our credit we did have a lot going on this week). Let’s just say that this time around we all drew blanks.

So I decided to write on Writing itself! Yes it sounds like we were exasperated and at a loss of what to write on but let’s take a shot at this shall we?

First off, writing is hard, which is why I have to give it up to whoever tries to master the art of being a good or even great writer. Next, writing nowadays takes more forms than I care to list, especially compared to the olden days (by that I mean like I don’t know, ten years ago?) This can especially be attributed to the boom of social media.

A Twitter Thread take-down can be as compelling as an analytical essay. Social media has definitely democratized the forms of sharing information that existed before. Everyone everywhere has a platform to literally write about a thought, an opinion, a perspective unencumbered. Writing is no longer restricted to certain forums or publishers to be validated or at the very least heard.

Clearly in writing this I realize that I am talking about writing in the digital age than writing itself so let me try to steer my thoughts to writing as an art form.

To be honest I have always found writing to be self-indulgent. The idea of jotting down your thoughts, editing, publishing and hitting that Share button. The idea that you openly confess to thinking that you hold your opinions worthy enough to divulge widely (how narcissistic is that?)

Not to mention now with democratized platforms to ‘write’ on, practically everyone has the responsibility to bear the criticism that comes from readers whether positive or negative.

Writing to experience the reach of the imagination, to delve into the arena of language, and to gain a sense of the shape and texture of human experience as it is articulated we need to spend some time in self-reflection. Why do I say this? Because lately there has been a decline in quality writing. A blurred distinction between a good writer and OK-ish writer.

What about a piece of writing induces a reader to become a regular reader? As writers, if we do not constantly challenge ourselves, broaden our horizons and dig deeper then we are letting down this craft, and frankly deceiving ourselves. So my closing remarks are this, writing is something that many of us can do, but there is a certain amount of work or due diligence to be good writers or even worthy writers.