Online gamblers increasingly want to implement strategies to increase their chances of winning. In fact, according to William Hill, 2018 was a great year for blackjack players, so the platform’s earnings turned out to be approximately 15% below estimate. In blackjack, we can carry out different strategies depending on the situation we have after receiving our first two cards. These are some of the actions allowed in 21 blackjacks.


After receiving our first two cards, we can request as many cards as we want until we get a hand with which we are satisfied. The danger we run is going over 21, which will make us lose automatically. We will ask for a card whenever we have a hand with a very low score. If you have a hand 17 or older, it is best to stand. We should consider asking or not when we get an Ace. It will depend on the other card we have.


We can split our move as long as we receive two equal cards. What does splitting into 21 blackjacks mean? This will give us the ability to play with two hands instead of one. If we ask to divide, the two cards will be separated, and we will get one more card in each move. We have to take into account that we must bet the same amount on both hands.

Once we have two cards in each hand, we can follow the most appropriate strategy for each one. When the dealer makes his move, it will be compared to ours, and the bets will be settled individually.


After receiving the initial two cards, we can double our bet. This will mean doubling the money wagered to try to double the winnings. If we double, we will not be able to ask for the letters we want, and we will only receive one more. So with these three cards, we will have to get a higher score than the dealer to win the round.


Standing when we already have a good hand is the best strategy we can follow. We cannot control the dealer’s move, and it will depend a little on his luck. If ours has smiled at us and we get a hand with a high score (more than 17), it is better to stand. We can stand after obtaining the initial hand or after requesting several cards, and there is no limitation.


Another strategy that is allowed in some forms of online blackjack is to surrender. When we receive the initial two letters and after seeing one of the dealer’s, only then can we surrender. If we do, we will lose half of our bet, and this round will end. This action is taken when we want to minimize losses to a bad starting hand and a good dealer card.

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