Once you access free online roulette, you can try different strategies to win online roulette. We are going to see the three best-known strategies to win in the game of roulette.

It is possible to discard that the three methods serve for simple bets, like red/black or even / odd. Furthermore, no method is foolproof, as roulette is still a game of chance.


Martingale is the best known online roulette strategy. We are going to bet a small amount, usually one unit, and we are going to double the bet by losing. The key to this system is to double to win, as we will recover everything plus one unit. When we win, we’ll bet one unit again to start over.

This system is little used due to being very risky. By having to double the bet, its growth will be exponential when losing. In this way, you could lose thousands of euros in a bad streak. Also, the gain is only one unit.

A variant of this system is the Paroli method, which doubles the bet when it is won. This system is safer since we only double the money earned. However, a single defeat will leave us with nothing.


The d’Alembert strategy is a very conservative online roulette strategy. We will start by betting a single chip, and if we win, we will bet only one again. In case of losing, we will add a chip to the bet. Every time it is lost, one chip is added to the bet, always one by one. Instead, for every time you win, one token is subtracted until you reach one.

This strategy allows you to play with little money, although it is very slow. The good thing is that it is mathematically designed to reduce losses. Of course, their problem is bad luck streaks and that the profit is minimal.

A similar system is the Oscar Milling system. This online roulette system tries to take advantage of streaks to win money. If you lose, you keep the bet on one chip. On the other hand, if you win, a unit is raised to recover the losses. In the case of no losses and being 0, only one is bet.

The game ends when you win a single unit, so very little will be won.


The last online roulette system is the Fibonacci system. As the name implies, it is about following the success of Fibonacci numbers in betting. This sequence consists of adding the last two numbers to generate another to infinity. For example, 1-1-2-3-5.

Here we must start with the first number on the list, which is 1, and bet one unit. In case of winning, we will advance a number in succession (in this case, we bet one again). In the case of losing, we will lower two numbers of the sequence.

This strategy is one of the best. It is less risky than Martingale, and you will have gains despite having lost more time. Of course, you are exposed to streaks of bad luck, and you will not earn money as quickly as with other online roulette strategies.

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