Organization Application Form

OrganizationApplication Form


Imagine We Rwanda has the vision that one day, every school, library and other organizations in Rwanda will be equipped with Leisure reading materials. Imagine We aims to empower organizations with the necessary materials and training so that the children of Rwanda can become future authors, avid readers, research-driven thinkers. The form below, will help us get in touch with you.



 Upon signing the MOU with Imagine We Rwanda. The Organization benefits from:
-	 Annual Competition with other schools in Kigali: empowering creative writing and Reading. KAGIRE INKURUCompetition (Creative Writing
        Competition with prizes for children and copies of the African Children Storybooks).
-	Holiday Reading and Storytelling Camps: Where children are given the skills to write good stories and are encouraged to read for leisure.
-	Workshops and Trainings for Secondary school children: to empower them to express themselves through the written word.
-	Workshops for teachers: how to empower children to read and to write creatively in the Rwandan Context.
-	Peer group reading: Read-out-loud sessions with other school clubs
-	Other events and games organized by Imagine We in partnership with schools and local organizations.